Sometimes you just can’t do anything else but laugh at yourself and give thanks.  You read scriptures that you know were written especially for you, the book you bought impulsively is full of lessons that apply so perfectly to your current situation that you wonder if the author has been reading your mail…  You share your excitement over the amazing things God is doing in your life with a friend you bump into while in town.

And then —

You get a little too comfortable, a little too confident… Someone says something slightly irritating or something doesn’t go quite the way you think it should and rather than responding, you react. In a way that doesn’t testify to any of the above — there’s no way you could be reading your Bible, applying those lessons, or be the recipient of amazing things from God.  And the split-second after your reaction is over, you are filled with shame when you realize just how far you have to go in this journey with Him.

Thankfully, He is the God of first, second, third, and fourth chances.  And so you get up from the place you’ve cratered in shame, shake yourself off, and ask Him to once again hold your hand and help you to be the person you so desperately want to be:  a true follower of Christ.

Thankfully, He never says “no” to those who seek His forgiveness with sincerity and repentance.

One thought on “Get Up, Shake Yourself Off, and Keep On Going…

  1. I fully understand this. I struggle, sometimes daily, with not always knowing if my anger and frustration is righteous indignation or having a hurt and unloving spirit. I likely mix the two up sometimes and I feel bad for it. I have to constantly be on my guard while trying to decipher what it is God is trying to accomplish. Do I need to show tough love or gentle love? Is what I’m doing really love, or is it unforgiveness? Do I let it go and help them again? Do I help them again even if they are ungreatful? What is right? What do I do? I all becomes very stressful and often times depressing for me. So I understand. We are all trying to walk around figuring this whole mess of life out, and we don’t always get it right. Thank God He is forgiving.

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