New Couch

Our new sectional sofa was delivered this evening!  We are so pleased with how it worked out in our living room (we were a little concerned if it would fit well), and really pleased with how it looks, too.  I’m looking forward to having company over soon, since we have comfortable seating for more than three people!

3 thoughts on “On the Lighter Side

  1. Looks cozy! How funny, too—after church Sunday we ran to Macy’s (stocking run, literally on two levels…) and wandered around the furniture department. We ended up walking out with a new sofa & chair at my husband’s insistence! So I’m a little gobsmacked (OTOH: Benefit of being a budgeting grown-up, yes?). Ours won’t arrive for about eight weeks, though. That’s fine. New season, new furniture. God willing, new-to-us-house soon, too!


    1. Congrats on your new furniture, too! It’s fun to “freshen up” the look of things, isn’t it? This is our second new sofa in 23 years of marriage. I brought a very traditional camelback sofa with me when we married in 1992 (it was three years old). In 2006, I bartered window treatments with an Amish furniture store for the one we are replacing with this sectional. I loved my Amish-made Mission style sofa, but it had wood along the back and quite a few times unsuspecting victims would conk themselves in the head when laughing too enthusiastically. So in the interest of neurological health for all those who enter our home, this seemed like a good move. 😀


  2. Some exciting news regarding our sofa — I discovered the store from which we purchased it has a “price matching” policy. When I was able to provide them with documentation of a lower price through another company, they gave us a $382 store credit toward a future purchase! We have to use it within six months, but we are in dire need of a new dining table and chairs, so in two or three months, I think we’ll be going back up there to apply our $382 toward those pieces. 😀


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