Oh, how I want all the young women I know to read this and really take it to heart. Especially my daughter. I wish I had understood these truths when I was a young twenty-two year old.

Meaghan Taylor O'Connor

*This post is the first in a series of guest posts written by women in my life I have a deep, deep admiration for. Women who have invested in me [in more ways than they will ever realize], whose words and actions I look up to, and who live life with a passion for grace and speaking bold & beautiful truth into a broken world.

I’m so, so deeply honored to share this post, written by one of my favorite authors, Emily Freeman. Thank you, Emily, for sharing this with my readers and for reminding me time and again how important it is to slow down, recognize our own smallness and understand the importance of Tuesday mornings.*


It’s tempting to tell my twenty-two year old self one thing and one thing only: Please, for the love of mothers with muffin tops everywhere, enjoy your body now! Do it!

But this seems terribly…

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