Who is this scribbler, etc.?


I’m a wife to a surfer boy named AJ and the mom of a beautiful young woman named Jami. Our family is about to increase as our girl is marrying the Tall One soon, and we couldn’t be happier!

For the last twenty years I’ve owned a small custom window coverings business, and I’ve been writing freelance articles for a local magazine since 2016. I used to teach an “Intro to Photography” class through the community education department of our local community college, but after eight years I passed that on to one of my very first students.  

I am working on a novel and have been told by more than a few people that what I’ve got so far is good stuff (“intriguing” even!  Who’d a thunk it?)  So I’m determined to finish it.  I have a strange affection for my photography hobby … it truly is for ME.  I have no interest in becoming a photographer for hire, as I really only like to take photos of people that are dear to my heart or things that I find beautiful.  So most of my photos are of my daughter, or old buildings that I find architecturally fascinating.  Oh, and the Gulf of Mexico.  I love the water.  From a distance.

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