Me & My Guy
A Mother’s Day coffee date with my girl.
Our daughter and son-in-law.

I’m a wife to a surfer boy named AJ and the mom of a beautiful young woman named Jami, who married a great guy named Dustin in September 2019. Between our two households, AJ and I have a slightly neurotic rescue Aussie named Kona and four cats: Skeeter, Poosh, Percy, and Mina. Jami and DD have two dogs: Jane and Dan, and two cats: Bartleby and Sir Newton. I guess you could say we like animals just a little bit.

For the last twenty+ years I’ve owned a small custom window coverings business, and I’ve been writing freelance articles for a local printing company since 2016. I used to teach an “Intro to Photography” class through the community education department of our local community college, but after eight years I passed that on to one of my very first students.  

I am working on a novel and have been told by more than a few people that what I’ve got so far is good stuff (“intriguing” even!  Who’d a thunk it?)  So I’m determined to finish it, no matter how long it takes. I also scribble an occasional short story, usually a fiction based on the bits and pieces of family stories I remember from my childhood. (The fiction part fills in the gaps that I can’t remember.)  I have a strange affection for my photography hobby … it truly is for ME.  I have no interest in becoming a photographer for hire, as I really only like to take photos of people that are dear to my heart or things that I find beautiful.  So most of my photos are of my daughter, or old buildings that I find architecturally fascinating.  Oh, and the Gulf of Mexico.  I love the water.  From a distance.

5 thoughts on “Who is this scribbler, etc.?

  1. If you enjoyed her lovely little persona here, disagree with her diatribes on Instagram. Quite a different experience I assure you. Above all, worship Donald Trump or else.


    1. Thank you for visiting! You’ve given me material to write a lovely blog post on how you refused to acknowledge the documented evidence of presidential families playing roles in administrations in all political parties since our nation’s founding. I hope you enjoy it, Mr Polite in Public! Have a great day!


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