There have been many times that I’ve tried to jump on the “healthy” bandwagon, only to fall off the tailgate into the dusty road, watching the rest of the healthy band continue on their merry way to long life.  Last night I had a really strange dream.  I dreamed that I was trying to get back in shape and had joined up with a group of people exercising at a public school that was undergoing reconstruction.  The school had raised board sidewalks, some of which had sections missing, creating gaps that had to be jumped in order to get to the other side.  I don’t remember any other details, other than the process of making my way around this intermittent board sidewalk, and that I weighed 207 pounds.  Then I woke up.  At 8:21 a.m.  Oh, 7:00 a.m., we hardly knew ye.

My husband and I had actually talked about going to the gym this morning.  Since he has the day off, it would be a good way to kickstart yet another effort towards weight loss and good health.  When we both saw the time, we wavered.  There are other things to do today and driving into town takes a good fifteen to twenty minutes before even walking through the gym door.   Fortunately, today is turning out to be a gorgeous day (the hellish heat of summer hasn’t hit quite yet), and so we decided to go for a walk together instead.  I am going to measure it out when I head into town later, but I think we walked about a mile in probably fifteen or twenty minutes.  

The plan is to do that on the mornings we don’t go to the gym.  Praying I can stick to it, since I was horrified to step on the scale this morning and discover I weigh 1.5 pounds MORE than what I dreamed last night.  (You do the math.)  Not good for a gal who is not quite 5′ 3″.  I’m also dragging out my Weight Watchers materials, since I know the program works IF YOU STICK TO IT.  I use the menu planning service, eMeals (  It has really helped with meal planning, since that is one of my LEAST favorite things to do.  And I think that the WW points value is listed on each of the portion control menus I receive each week, although it’s not absolutely clear that the number listed is a points value.  So I sent them an email asking if that is what the number symbolizes.  If it is the WW points value per serving, oh happy day!  I’ll be able to scratch “calculating points” off my list of things to do.

I have chicken thawing for Tuscan Chicken with Roasted Potatoes and fresh strawberries for dinner tonight.  Before then, I have to meet with a potential client regarding some window treatments for her home.  And I’m off!

5 thoughts on ““Kickstart”

  1. I have high hopes, Tim! I got a response back from the eMeals people almost immediately and the number DOES stand for points value. Trademark/copyright and all that legal stuff prevents them from using the Weight Watchers name on their materials (which they avoided even in their answer to my question – ha!), but they confirmed my assumption. This will make meal planning and budgeting even that much easier. Which is one of the main obstacles (for me, anyway) of sticking with a healthy eating plan.


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