So sorry for the lack of scribbles the last couple of weeks.  It’s been so very busy here, and not the satisfying “Oh, look at me, I get to check one more thing off my to-do list” busy.  I’ve had things on my calendar for weeks, and then at the last minute, they’ve been changed, postponed, rescheduled.  I hate that.  I like a plan.  Something that keeps me focused (because heaven knows focus seems to be in short supply these days).  It’s so annoying when I’m headed in one direction, objective in crystal clear focus, only to have something interrupt that.  Bleh.  

HOWEVER, occasionally there are good distractions.  The kind that come in the form of a text or a phone call from a friend you haven’t seen in eons.  The kind that say, “Hey, we’re going to drive down and fix your a/c unit that’s been broken since last fall and while we’re there, let’s go to the beach!”  Such was the distraction that arrived at midnight last night, and sadly had to leave shortly after noon today:


Of course, we parents are always behind the camera, so you’ll just have to be satisfied with a photo of our gorgeous kids.  Which are a heck of a good distraction, anytime.

2 thoughts on ““Distracted”

    1. Thank you, Pamela! From left to right, the first four belong to my friend Alena and her husband, Clyde. The last one on the right is mine and my husband’s. We became friends with this family YEARS ago when we lived in Huntsville, Texas. Jami was about a year old when we first met (after a woman at the church we’d joined said, “You HAVE to meet Alena – I think you’d be such good friends!” She was SO right.) We moved again when Jami had just turned three, so we’ve only lived in the same town for two years. But ours is the kind of friendship that does not fade, even if visits are fewer than we’d like. 🙂


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