Gitz: Sara’s Story.

Sometimes I think the internet has made the world much too small.  And then I’m reminded of the all too brief time I knew a woman named Sara and wish I’d had more time to build a real friendship with her.  And I’m thankful the internet’s made the world a smaller place, where a homebound gal from Iowa can remind a Texas girl that life is full of joy, if only we choose to grab it and never let go.

2 thoughts on ““Joy”

  1. Wow, Laura, thank you for sharing this. Incredibly powerful. I wish I’d known her. What a special woman and blessing to all that she touched.


  2. Pamela – her family plans to maintain her blog. I encourage you to stop by and read a bit here and there whenever you have a chance. She truly was an amazing woman. While we never became “close” friends the way she did with some of those she knew online, we did share one funny experience together. As it became more and more difficult for her to make it down the hallway in her condo to get her mail, a friend (who also happened to be named “Laura”) who lived in the same building would pick it up for her. One day I opened my email to read a message that said in so many words, “I’m feeling pretty icky today – would you pick up my mail?” I did a double-take, because as I mentioned above – she lived in IOWA and here I am in TEXAS. LOL I wrote her back, saying that I’d be happy to do that, but it might take me a couple of days to get there! We had a good long-distance chuckle over the dangers of auto-fill when sending emails. 🙂


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