I just gave Hobby Lobby a call to follow up on the application that I turned in Saturday evening.  The hiring manager was not available, but I spoke with the office manager.  She told me that they are not hiring at this time … I guess the “Come Work for Hobby Lobby” display at the front is always there and I just never noticed it before?  She said they will be doing inventory and the hiring manager won’t even be looking at applications until after the 16th, and that I could call back at that time.  I asked her if she foresaw them hiring in the near future, because if I had my druthers I’d rather work at Hobby Lobby than any place else and I could wait just a bit before looking elsewhere.  She said she didn’t really know for sure because she is usually the last one to know about these things.

I explained that I have a small business out of my home, but that I’m ready to retire from that, to find employment with a company that I believe in, do a good job and bring home a regular paycheck.  And so while I’d like to find a job as soon as is reasonably possible, I can wait just a bit (while they finish inventory) to see if the hiring manager might have need of someone like me.  I don’t know if that is proper “job seeker” etiquette, but I have to say I was encouraged when she asked my name again and said that she would let the hiring manager know that I called.

I would think that if I were to get the “total blow off,” she would have politely told me that I could check back after the 16th and “have a nice day.”

Don’t you?

2 thoughts on “Job Search Status …

  1. Oh yeah.  When I was a peon-manager and I received those calls, I just wanted to get off the phone as quickly as possible and wouldn’t ask for a name.  I’d be nice…but because I couldn’t do more, nice was it.  –Laura


  2. My best friend worked for Mardel for a few years. (Mardel and Hobby Lobby are owned by the same people.) She was very unhappy at Mardel.  She is a people person and specializes in working to meet the needs of her customers.  Mardel emphasized what I would call “visual” sales – they place more value on the employee working with product, keeping the store they way they like it.  She was discouraged from spending “too much” time with customers!  She has now been with Lifeway for almost 10 years and is still loving it.  She’s a specialist and works with pastors and other ministers to find the materials they need/want.  I love the Container Store.  The company’s philosophy emphasizes not just making the store perfect, but spending time with the customer, anticipating their needs and finding a solution to meet those needs.  Unfortunately, you don’t have one close enough to you to make it cost-effective to work there, and yes, they’re open on Sunday.  However, I have only worked on Sunday about 5 times in 2-1/3rd years.  The company works with the employees’ availibility.  My manager is a Christian and she would prefer that the store be closed on Sunday, so she understands and accomodates people who do not wish to work on Sunday.Mardel and Lifeway are closed on Sunday, so is Chick-Fil-A.  (Ducking for suggesting fast food!)  Good luck with your job search! 


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