Job Search Status …

I just gave Hobby Lobby a call to follow up on the application that I turned in Saturday evening.  The hiring manager was not available, but I spoke with the office manager.  She told me that they are not hiring at this time … I guess the “Come Work for Hobby Lobby” display at the front is always there and I just never noticed it before?  She said they will be doing inventory and the hiring manager won’t even be looking at applications until after the 16th, and that I could call back at that time.  I asked her if she foresaw them hiring in the near future, because if I had my druthers I’d rather work at Hobby Lobby than any place else and I could wait just a bit before looking elsewhere.  She said she didn’t really know for sure because she is usually the last one to know about these things.

I explained that I have a small business out of my home, but that I’m ready to retire from that, to find employment with a company that I believe in, do a good job and bring home a regular paycheck.  And so while I’d like to find a job as soon as is reasonably possible, I can wait just a bit (while they finish inventory) to see if the hiring manager might have need of someone like me.  I don’t know if that is proper “job seeker” etiquette, but I have to say I was encouraged when she asked my name again and said that she would let the hiring manager know that I called.

I would think that if I were to get the “total blow off,” she would have politely told me that I could check back after the 16th and “have a nice day.”

Don’t you?