dropped off the application yesterday.  When I went up to the cashier to ask where I should deliver the application, she said, “Oh, I can take that” … so I handed it to her and said, “thank you.”   She opened the drawer on her register and put my application in it.  I assume that when they close out the bins each evening, the “big cheese” will find my app and determine what to do with it.  I hope.

2 thoughts on “Now we wait …

  1. I’ll pray your application is seen with favor and interest.  Have you considered calling back in two or three days, asking for the hiring manager, and inquiring about the status of your application?  Just don’t call at a busy time, or near the end of the day. 


  2. @Cygnus33 – Thanks, Laura – for both the prayer and the suggestions.  It’s been so long since I looked for a “real” job, I’m out of practice on what to do.  I’ve had my own business for 10 years now, but truth be told, I am not cut out for self-employment.  I hate the accounting aspect of it and have perpetual knots in my stomach over tax filings and the like.  I love being around people, and this opportunity at Hobby Lobby sounds ideal, in that they have evening shifts and are closed on Sunday (church/family day).  If I can get evening shifts, I’ll still be home the first part of the day to homeschool my daughter, and the amount of time that she’d be home alone will be minimal, as her dad gets home from work around 3:30.On the face of it, it sounds perfect … now we’ll just see what God has to say about it, right? 


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