5 thoughts on “New Quote to Ponder

  1. @pottermom – Well, you know us homeschoolers … we’re an independent thinking lot, and so anyone telling us what to do just doesn’t sit too easy.  And where does Barak get off “demanding” ????  Sounds a little less presidential than dictatorial, ya’ think?


  2. I’m still pondering the quote in MY header. When I get that one figured out which will probably be never…yes, you’ll have to look. :)Seriously Jonah Goldberg’s tongue went through his cheek. Why do we have such a gullible nation? Are we that stupid? The line about Gore being an alien is hilarious.


  3. Oh, my goodness….I just now read the article. Gotta post the link. I can’t believe that.I’ve always said that if he gets elected, I’m looking for a certain 7 year period of time to directly follow. At least during that 7 years, we’re outta here!


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