It’s a busy week for us … last night was our cast meeting for the summer production and tonight is the set crew meeting for those working on set design and construction.  Tomorrow night is the technical rehearsal for Jami’s dance recital, Thursday is the dress rehearsal and Friday night is the big show.  Then Saturday is the homeschool conference in Houston, where I hope to find exactly what I need to make our little academy work this coming year.  We tried Sonlight this year, but it was just too cumbersome for us … with our crazy schedule, we need individual subjects that we can grab and take with us if we need to hit the road for business or family reasons.

One curriculum that I am sticking with is Saxon math.  Even though it’s fairly “dry” (i.e., not a bunch of fancy illustrations and games), she actually prefers it over some of the more “colorful” curricula out there.  When I suggested we use something different, she said “NO!” rather emphatically.  And imagine my delight when I discovered Saxon now offers computer CD’s that will work on my Mac … since math is NOT my forte, it’s a relief to know I have a resource that will help explain the lessons more clearly than I might do.

Well, I have much to do today, so I’ll be seeing you around —

6 thoughts on “Just a Little Update

  1. We did saxon through 8th grade.  I liked the structure and constant review.  I was advised by the math whiz at our homeschool covering that when he started High school that it would be good to get him used to seeing the “busy” math books.  That is what they will see in college and such.  He didn;t seem to have any trouble making the switch in 9th grade.  always in need of over-stimulation so the world thinks!  We also used Bob Jones Science and History.  It worked for us, but there are many curriculums out there!


  2. We used Saxon from kindergarten through Calculus.  They worked great and my kids all aced the SAT’s and a couple of them clepped out of College Algebra so I’m a fan of Saxon math.  :)Homeschool convention….. I kind of miss them.  🙂  Not enough to go though.  lol


  3. Kim and Connie du Toit have mentioned homeschooling a few times in the past week or so.  It’s very interesting, but aside from the lack of indoctrination, they say the best part about it is they can work with each child’s individual mode of learning.  The post where they discussed how they turned one son from a (their description, not mine!) unthinking kid to a voracious reader and bright child was especially interesting.Glad you found a math program you like…ugh!  I hear you in regards to that subject!


  4. Our youth/music minister and his family are also going to the conference.I was going back and reading some of your comments this morning, on Steve’s posts about Joel Osteen. I got into a heated discussion the last couple of days, with someone who supports him. It hasn’t been fun.


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