7 thoughts on “My Tiny Dancer …

  1. @Gill_L – Thanks, Gill!  I should have clarified though … these were taken by a professional photographer in our community.  She does very nice work and I love the way she handles her “packages” … none of this 2 5×7’s, 1 8×10 stuff.  You pay a flat fee and she gives you a CD with all the shots of your kid on them.  You can do whatever you want with them as long as you don’t use them for commercial purposes.  Print them, email them,  post them on your website … just don’t use them to make any money!  LOL  Here’s a link to her website so you can see some of her work … LINKY LINKY LINKY


  2. Beautiful!!  They do grow so fast…  I remember when Katie was that age and it seems like a blink ago!  and she wasn’t rushed to grow…there are so many kids now that barely get to be a kid.  Thankfully, I found that homeschooling allowed her to grow at her own pace.  (not that it isn’t possible in public, it just helped)Have a great week!


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