our Yorkshire Terrier goes to his new home.  We really have too many dogs (four currently) and it’s somewhat irresponsible to keep that many when we find it hard to give them all the attention they need.  So I sent out an email to a bunch of my friends and my shutter installer’s wife happened to mention our little man to a friend of hers at work.  Single mom, teenage daughter … I think this is a match made in heaven.  The mom tells me her daughter wasn’t this excited at Christmas.  She has already bought him a new crate (we don’t have a spare to send with him) … they asked all the right questions:  what does he like to eat, please send a picture of the crate he sleeps in so we can get him the same kind, does he like treats, what kind … Mom is taking off Monday and Tuesday from work to spend the day with him and get him used to his new home.  Daughter’s boyfriend works at Petsmart and she’s been asking him for all kinds of information …

I love the little guy, but he would make the transition the easiest of our pooches, and these folks sound like they will give him the love and attention he needs.  They know that he will need to be “retrained” since the move may result in some housebreaking “backsliding” and they are okay with that.  Their house has stained concrete floors, except for two bedrooms, so she said accidents will be easy to clean up while he’s figuring things out.  This was really important to me … that they are patient.  See, we found what we thought was going to be a good home for him, but he had two accidents in less than two days and they brought him back.  Even after we made it clear that it might happen.  I’m glad they brought him back, because I think this family will love him much more.

6 thoughts on “This afternoon …

  1. Oh he’s a doll.  It’s good that you are finding him a good home.  Our dogs….. I hate to say it but we are just waiting for them to die.  They just lay around and do nothing, eat a lot of food etc.  Of course they are 14 and 19 years old so we can’t expect much.  lol  It’s going to be a sad day when they do die but that is the cycle of life isn’t it.  


  2. Ohhhh Laura! He is soooooooo cute! If flying wasn’t so stressful on animals I’d tell you to send him up here. I know what you mean about too many dogs . I have an outside dog named Sasha, she’s a Blue Healer and 2 Jack Russells named Sarah and Sammie. I adopted Sasha at a campground. She was the camp hosts dog and they had to get rid of her or put her tosleep….she was only a year and a half! So….I took her…she’s now almost 11. Sarah….lol…..I went to pay the license tab fees on my trailer and right next door was a pet shop (something I try to stay away from). I was looking at her and this gentleman and his girlfriend were standing at the window talking about how ugly she was and how noone would ever want her…..she went home with me. And then my terror on 4 legs who thinks she’s a pitbull…..lol….Sammie. She’s “maybe” 3 inches off the ground and she’s a fatty, she wobbles on her 4 little 2″ legs …it’s funny. I found her online and had her flown out. I want a chihuahua….but that’s later down the road…I have too many too


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