This is going to be quick, as I have to meet some folks at 9:00 a.m. this morning.  Our photography instructor gave us a heads-up on an upcoming assignment … portraits.  We have to do some portrait shots (after some additional instruction this next week).  At first I thought, great!  Because my girl is a bit of a ham and very photogenic.  No problem getting her to pose as needed.

Until Mr. Man said, “Your model must be 18 years or older …)


He said, “Kids are easy and in addition, you can’t be objective about your own kid or grandkid …”

Well, I’m not sure I agree with him, because I’ve tossed plenty of substandard shots of my girl, even though she is the most beautiful child I’ve ever seen.  I think I can tell a good shot and a not-so good shot.  LOL  But I do see what he’s saying.  So I woke up this morning after dreaming a good part of the night, “What sucker can I get to help me out with this assignment????”

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