Well, we drove him up to meet his new family and they were surprised at how big he is.  I made it clear in my emails that he was a standard size Yorkie, not one of those “handbag” puppies that are so popular as accessories rather than living, breathing members of the family.  Anyway, after some discussion they decided to go ahead and take him with the understanding that they would give him a month …

I should have never let them take him.

Not two hours after we parted paths, she called and asked if she could bring him back in the morning because he’s just a good bit larger than what they were wanting.  They’ve talked about it and decided that they should really start with a puppy and one that won’t be more than 5 or 6 lbs. at most full grown.  She apologized plenty and said how sorry she was …

I’m trying very hard not to be angry with her … or myself for letting him go with her to begin with.  At the first sign of reservation, I should have put the brakes on and said, “Maybe this is not a good idea for your family or Willie.”

Stupid me.

I have the name and number of a lady who has a rescue shelter, but I’m not quite sure of the details yet.  I need to get more information regarding the shelter’s policies and procedures.  Or else I need to put an ad in the paper that says, “Purebred standard Yorkshire Terrier — $250”  For some reason people seem to put more value on an animal they have to pay for.  I don’t know.  I just want him to have a family that will love him.  Because he is an awesome dog.

5 thoughts on “Another Disappointment

  1. I really wish we were looking for a dog or someone in my family was but no such luck.  I hope that you find a great family for him soon.  You are right, people think dogs they pay for are “better” for some reason.  I’ll keep my ear the ground and if I hear of someone wanting a sweet little dog I’ll let you know.


  2. He is such a little angel baby! But no Laura…you did exactly as I would have done. AND…you are checking these people out ahead of time and that’s good. When you described these people in your earlier post I was thinking “cool, they sound like a good home. A place where the dog is loved, etc.” So that cancels out your “I’m so stupid,” because then you would have to call me stupid to for having agreed with you 😉 lol.  God loves His 4 legged creations too Im sure…or he wouldn’t have allowed us to fall in love with them. God Bless your Sunday!


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