3 thoughts on “Why There Will Never Be Another Reagan …

  1. Okay, I read the article.  I’m digesting it.  I’m not sure.  I see the value in some campaign finance laws but it seems to me that the people that want to get around it do so what use are they?  Shoot…. Clinton has the worst campaign finance violations of the bunch and NOTHING is done about it…..  I’m not sure I get her “fatty” comment, seems a bit harsh, but then it is Ann Coulter, she is harsh most of the time.  I mean there’s a lot of fat people out there that don’t need to compensate for their obesity and childhood by becoming president……  I guess I have to digest this one more.  Will comment again after second or third or fourth reading.  lol


  2. @pottermom – Totally agree with you regarding Ann’s saber-sharp tongue.  She is a little tough, but I can appreciate her sarcastic wit.  Sometimes I read her and think, “Sheesh, Ann … ease up a little bit!”  But when you think how “nice” Republicans play and how “dirty” liberals play … well, I guess she’s trying to balance the playing field a bit.  It’s not a “gentlemen’s world” anymore.  :(Speaking as a squishy person,  myself, I just took her fatty comment thusly:  you remember the chess club geeks with pocket protectors that were either ultra skinny or who indulged in donuts a bit too freely?  I’m pretty sure she was just trying to create that mental image.  I’ve got a few pounds I’d be happy to share with her, though … heavens, that girl could gain a few, you know?


  3. I love the teeth and claws approach by Ann, sometimes she comes off a bit on the crazy side. LOL But I love the image of a tiny little blonde and then “roar” LOL We’ve decided to “plug our noses” this year when we vote, you know like to help you swallow something gross.


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