The night deposit box of The First National Bank of Galveston …

Art glass in a gallery window across the street from the Galveston Railway Museum …

One of the displays in one of the museum railway cars … there was a plexiglass barrier between me and Mr. Man here, so I held the camera about where I thought it needed to be and *click* … It took me three tries, but I’m quite pleased with this one.

I actually had someone ask me if I Photoshopped this one … nope!  I got lucky that these three birds were so cooperative.  All the editing done on my photos (for this time, at least) is done with iPhoto on my Mac.  Some day I hope to get Photoshop Elements.  I hear you can do some awesome things with it.

I used to park right near this corner when I worked at the Moody Medical Library in Galveston.  The sign’s still there … a little more rusty than it was twenty years ago, but I still like it.

4 thoughts on “Some more of my pics …

  1. lol… here I am messaging you about photoshop and you’re wanting it.  lol  No, seriously I do appreciate what photoshop can do BUT I believe you have to be able to take good pictures first and just enhance them, not create them out of nothing.  You have a great eye and you won’t be making something out of nothing.  So you have my permission to use it.  lol  (like you need it?… you know I am the all-powerful here….. not!).  I like the ice cream shop sign.I have space men in my attic today (putting in insulation etc)  I feel like I’m in Roswell.


  2. @pottermom – Trust me – I know what you mean.  I clung adamantly to the belief that only film photographers were REAL photographers because of the ability to manipulate digital images.  I mean, seriously … with computer aided graphics in movies (like the ship in Titanic) and photoshopped images … can we really believe anything we view is REAL anymore?  (laughing … kind of …)  It took me quite a while to warm up to the idea of digital photography.  And I totally understand what you’re saying.  I think I’m somewhat open to trying Photoshop because the Elements program is only $99 and so not that expensive to experiment with.  But I’m pretty certain that I would not utilize it to its full capacity, just because of the purist streak in me.  🙂


  3. We went to the train museum over 20 years ago.  Galveston is so cool.  I haven’t been there since before we moved away (Dec. 1989 was the last time, for Dickens on The Strand).
    Great photos – maybe you could teach Jerk a few things!


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