A friend who knows how much I love my Mac and the hysterical Mac commercials sent me the link to this video.  There are three others that I will post below.  Enjoy them — they have a great message, in my humble opinion. 

Also, if you think of it, I would appreciate your prayers today.  I am having difficulties with one of my blind vendors (Rumor on the street is they are closing their doors at the end of the week … I’m about to go try to retrieve about $1,000 in deposits they have for product I have not yet received, so I can order it from another company … I also have to find a company that uses the same stock material to fill the orders.  If you remember, this happened to me about two years ago, when a shutter company closed with no warning.  I lost about $2,000 when that happened, and I simply cannot afford to do that again.)  Also, I am really struggling with great anger against my mom and my father-in-law … to the point that I am going to seek out a counselor to help me develop some coping tools — else I am going to have a stroke.  LOL (not really laughing, though) …

Anyway, with all that said, these videos came at a good time, because they did put a little smile on my face.  🙂





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  1. They put a smile on my face too.  HSHD… I’m going to have to pass that one along to my son.  He has every computer gadget there is…. he missed this one.  lolI will pray for you.  Persistence may be the key, showing up and getting in their face… it takes one second to accept a check from you, it should take one second to issue you one (why does it never work that way?)We love our macs too. 


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