Well, it still looks a bit of a mess in here, but I have filled one trash bag with junk, have all of Jami’s art and scrapbooking supplies in her own cabinet … managed to persuade her to get rid of a bunch of old crayons she’d been hoarding … threw out a bunch of receipts that were not needed any longer …

It won’t be done tonight, because I am exhausted … but I am well on my way.   Did take a few minutes for a little fun.  What do you think about the new theme?  I’m not computer savvy enough to design my own — this is one of the ready-mades.  I like it, though.  Has my favorite color (blue), a little cuteness going on, but still simple enough to not hinder reading ease or the photos I like to add from time to time.  Love to hear what you think.

I have an appointment with a new client in the morning.  I know she’s ordering, but I’m not sure what. 

I also got a call from a chemical plant in our area.  They need blinds for their training room and were looking for a second quote … the first quote they got was an astronomical $2,500.  For EIGHT windows.  I don’t know who gave them that quote, but when I worked it up using my product selection, I came up with $1,800.  (Some of the windows are very large [one is over 100 inches wide, and 84 inches tall], but not large enough to merit the first quote they received.  And let me clarify — they want a blackout shade (cellular) for a glass door … that one treatment is $500, so the other seven windows are $1,300 combined.)  I think there are individuals who base their prices on the buyer’s “ability to pay.”  I don’t know what your thoughts are on this, but I think it’s wrong.  I have products A, B, and C and these are their prices … regardless of who you are or how much money is in your wallet.  Mr. (or Ms.) $2,500 must have worked for the government at some point … that whole thing just reeked of $600 toilet seats, if you know what I mean.

The really exciting thing about this is … the purchasing supervisor’s wife has an interior decorating/fabric store in town.  She got my contact information from him and sent me an email asking if she could meet with me.  Apparently, the blind/shutter folks that she has recommended to her drapery and design clients have not been the most reliable and so she is looking for a new person to recommend.  Yay!  So I plan to meet with her on Tuesday to show her what I have to offer and give her some business cards for her shop.  So that’s a good opportunity, for sure.

Well, I’m off to sleep.  After my meeting in the a.m., I have to get back on this organizational can of worms that I’ve opened.  If you could see things right now, you’d know there’s no turning back!  🙂

5 thoughts on “Progress Update …

  1. @pottermom – Are you talking about organization or blinds?  LOL  I can definitely help you with the windows … not sure if I’m going to survive my own organizational efforts.  Just kidding!  Seriously, if you need anything for the house, let me know and maybe we can get together.  And even if you don’t, we really do need to have lunch and do some shutterbuggin’ sometime!


  2. I’ll invite you over next..lol…for the organization. I’ve been attempting my craft room/office for the past week. I find something I started, sit down and work on it to finish it…and the day goes by…lol. I never get it done


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