When I went up to Houston, my intention was to get a refund for the shutter deposits that I’d put down.  However, I discovered that two of my blind orders were ready for pick up, and the remaining two will be ready Friday.  I ended up picking up the two orders, applying the $1300 credit I had to those two, plus four others that were delivered to me a few days ago.  I will pay for the remaining two orders on Friday when I pick them up.

It seems that the company is not closing their doors, but discontinuing their shutter program immediately.  I am still leery of ordering much of anything (in the way of blinds) until I see if they are really sticking around.  I have another resource for the brand of shutters that I’d collected deposits on, and so when I get the final payment on these blinds that I just picked up, I can apply that money to deposits on the shutters with the new resource, since the blinds have been paid for.  Confused?  I know I am.  Not really … I think it will all work out, and I know in large part because of your prayers.  Thanks.

My first photography class was this evening.  I think it is going to be a lot of fun.  Our first assignment is due in two weeks.  A self-portrait.  Ugh.  Not sure how excited I am about that!  LOL  I will have to come up with something creative that shows “me” and still lets me “hide.”  Ha!  Whatever I come up with, I promise I will post it here for all of you to critique.  Just be gentle, okay? 

6 thoughts on ““Crisis” Update

  1. Oh, my….I have not been here in a while and see I have much to catch up on. I’m sorry you’re having to go through this problem with the shutters. What part of Houston do you have to go to for the blinds?


  2. @SingingMom – Not to worry — it was a shutter/blind combo crisis.  LOL  I go up near Greenspoint Mall, so it’s about a 75 mile trip one way.  And I had to make it twice!  I went up about 10:30, found out that a couple of my orders would be ready at 3:00, so I took care of a couple of other errands and then went BACK to pick those up.  My last two orders will be ready Friday … so one more trip and then I’ll be done for a while.  🙂


  3. Glad the “window treatment trauma” worked out well (didn’t want to get into a shutter/blind bind there using the wrong word *grin*).  My daughter had to do a self-portrait assignment for her college class.  It turned out interesting, I will be anxiously awaiting the results of yours.  🙂


  4. Hee. In the last post, I thought you were talking about sight-less people, at first, and I thought you were so mean. lol. Then, I realized it was “window treatments”. You are not mean!! I’m sorry about that!
    After seeing the pictures you took of your friend, I think you will do just fine with your self-portrait.


  5. @princessjami –  Hey, Jami – I will often poke fun at people, but you can be pretty confident vision-impaired people are safe from me!  My mom has been under treatment for glaucoma since she was 32 (she is now 64).  Although she drives me nuts for many other reasons, I feel great sympathy for her as she’s been unable to drive for about 5 or 6 years now.  We’ve (as a family) have been through cryo surgeries, laser surgeries, cataract surgeries, and cornea transplants (two for the same eye, as the first cornea ended up rejected …)Many of my clients get a huge kick out of calling me the “blind lady” and laughing hysterically.  Sweet, but strange people, those clients of mine.


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