You can’t tell from simply looking around here, but I am making some serious organization progress in the office/study/craft/computer room of my house. 

Pray for me … LOL

As I was sharing with a friend the other day, my mom, bless her heart, is in bondage to her “stuff.”  She won’t get rid of anything to save her life (or her relationship with her kids, despite our begging and pleading …)  When she does make an “effort,” it is simply by shoveling stuff into boxes, which she then stacks up in yet another spot in her house.  Her house is full of boxes, boxes, boxes (I don’t know why, but I hear the Grinch saying, “Noise! Noise! Noise!” when I read that sentence back to myself…)

I look in the mirror and “see” that same tendency in myself.  And so I am fighting the good fight … tossing and purging and trying to adjust my thinking regarding what is really truly worth keeping and what is just taking up space in my home.  Making it more difficult to work efficiently, play efficiently, to even think efficiently.  I struggle with the paper that is necessary to my window blind business.  I save little bits of “memorabilia” for my scrapbooks, but because I’m so far behind on the scrapbooks, the memorabilia becomes meaningless paper sitting in a stack on a shelf.  And the thinking part … well, when overwhelmed by the working and playing inefficiencies, my brain tends to shut down.  I think this is a large part of why I’ve been struggling with feeling low (ack, could it be depression???) these last few months.  Just feeling incompetent in general … and this feeling is exacerbated by the knowledge that when I was out in the “real world,” working for lawyers and such, I was an EXTREMELY well-organized person …

But I am determined to change this, with God’s help.  I have two IKEA cabinets (one on each side of the window in my office/study/craft/computer room … I’ve designated one of them to hold my cookbook collection on two shelves, with scrapbooking materials on the next shelf and the two shelves inside the bottom cabinet.

Then I have the other cabinet designated for my business materials.  Vendor notebooks, computer supplies, computer backups and software. 

I think part of my problem is that stuff has been scattered EVERYWHERE.  Mixed up.  Not consolidated in one location.  So when I’ve been looking for this particular piece of business information, I might have to look in two or three different places.

I think purging and consolidation will go a long way towards remedying my problem.

Well … back to work!

One thought on “Making Progress …

  1. Ooohhh – you can be my inspiration!!  I desperately need to do something with our office.  My computer is on our old kitchen cart and we have one old desk that is useless.  I think this might be my spring/summer project.


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