skimming through the columnists I read every day or two, I happened upon this column by Michael Reagan.  What do you think?

And another by Chuck Colson regarding human embryos and a little boy named Noah.

Larry Elder talks about how conservatives and liberals each view their “enemies.”

And finally, an interesting afterthough from W. Burt Prelutsky’s column

Something else I’ve been musing about
lately is Bill and Hillary Clinton repeatedly telling us that Hillary
served as co-president from 1992-2000 and is therefore far more
experienced when it comes to running the country than either Obama or
Edwards. Until now, I thought the 22nd Amendment precluded anyone
serving more than two terms as president!

4 thoughts on “For your reading pleasure and consideration …

  1. Ha! Great point about Bill/Hill. I only had time to read Michael Reagan’s column. Interesting though it’s pure speculation. It sure would give the remaining GOP candidates a super-sized headache. I think it is too late for him to seriously run. Other than making the GOP convention a free-for-all the charge that Fred Thompson was too late would be heaped on Newt times a hundred. Still, anything can happen…


  2. I have heard that rumor being floated about Newt, but I think it might be too late.  Also, I don’t know if there would be a groundswell of support for him like Michael Reagan thinks. Although I agree with a lot of Newt’s positions, I think he would have some high negatives to combat.      


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