Dear Prayer Warriors, I went up to the hospital last night to be with Sierra and her parents and I wanted to update you all.  First of all, she is going to be okay…a VERY tough little girl!  Her collarbone is broken.  The radiologists/doctors first said that she had “multiple broken ribs”, but the last update was that they may not be broken – but they have definitely been moved/pulled out of place, etc. One side of her lung was partially collapsed, but the doctors said, this too, should heal without surgery.  Sierra has a huge hoof print on her chest.  I saw it and it was incredible how such a little girl could withstand all of that weight.  It looks like a huge scar/brand on her chest.  She did have a cut on the back of her head, which they stitched up last night after they took the neck brace off…which brings me to the greatest “halleluia”…her neck is NOT broken.  There was some question about that for a while. When they finally took that neck brace off (after hours of her laying on a board. .with a cut open head) we all sighed /cried with relief.  Everything else will heal She may even be home by the end of the weekend.  Her parents thank you so much for their prayers.  Not having any family here, their friends are pretty important! Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow —

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