Just home from the first meeting of the West Brazos Actors’ Guild of the Old School!  We’re thinking this is going to be so much fun — my girl is all ready to make her stage debut and the mister and I are brainstorming ways that we can be of help “in back of” the curtain.  Building sets, painting, costumes, etc.  West BAGOTOS has chosen the production of family-friendly theater as its mission.  I am thrilled.  I loved drama as a teenager, working hard backstage to earn points towards induction in our high school Thespian club.  I’ve been frustrated recently however, because I want to introduce my girl to this wonderful, imaginative world and yet many of the advertisements for local productions warn “Not suitable for younger audiences” across the bottom of the text.


West BAGOTOS is like an answer to a prayer — well, maybe not a prayer, but definitely a subconscious hope.  The first play scheduled for production is “Little Women” and it couldn’t be a better choice, as my girl just finished reading the unabridged version of it recently and decided she wanted to read it again, she loved it so much.  I’m hoping that she doesn’t get her hopes up too terribly much — she’s determined to audition and I’m encouraging that.  But I have emphasized that they have to select the people who will be best in each role (she pretty much has her heart set on “Amy”).  She says she understands, so we’ll see.  If she gets it, great!  If not, Mommy and Daddy are here to hold her hand and encourage her to try again.

The Guild will be producing its plays in the old Brazoria Elementary School.  The school was scheduled for demolition until the Brazoria Heritage Foundation came to its rescue.  The Foundation works very hard year-round to raise funds to preserve our local history and to provide fantastic educational and entertaining events for the community.  The Heritage Celebration is just a couple of weeks away and it promises to be a great event with antique dealers, historical reenactments, informational booths (including one for the newly formed Actors Guild), a cattle drive and street dance.  Last year the auction alone raised $48,000.  Not too shabby for a town with a population of a little over 6,000!  Of course, people from all over the county attend, but still — it’s a good party that can draw that kind of crowd!

Anyway, the meeting was held in the theater of the Old School and I must say the Heritage Foundation did a fantastic job with some of the funds it raised last year.  The theater has been restored and even improved with elegant and yet authentic fixtures (imagine dark wood wainscoting with deep gold sheetrock, historically accurate carpeting down the aisles, and beautifully polished veneered theater seating . . . not to mention heavy red stage curtains . . . it’s just beautiful.)  There was a good turnout, for sure, and I am confident with the umbrella of security provided by the Heritage Foundation, we’re off to a good start.  I’ll keep you posted . . .

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