I got an update on Sierra’s condition this morning.  She is in the hospital in Houston right now — she suffered a cracked clavicle, possibly some cracked ribs, and a partially collapsed lung.  While these injuries are nothing to sneeze at, it could have been SO much worse.  Please continue to pray for her speedy recovery and also that she wouldn’t be afraid to “get back in the saddle” based on this experience.

Thanks again for all your prayers.

3 thoughts on “Sierra Update

  1. Here’s hoping she has a rapid recovery.  You’re right, it could’ve been a lot worse. 
    Kids are tough.  I’ll bet she’ll back riding before you know it.


  2. Wow, that is awful!  Every horse has flight instincts, and any horse can spook–even the “bomb-proof” ones.  My horse threw me back in November when he got spooked on the trail, and I nearly broke my wrist.  It took a couple months for my wrist to recover, and even now I only have 80% mobility.  It is really hard to “get back in the saddle” after a harrowing experience like that which just completely shatters your riding confidence.  I have forced myself to get back on, but my confidence is nowhere near where it used to be.  I will soon start working with a trainer to help overcome this. 
    I certainly hope Sierra recovers quickly and is able to retain her love of horses.     


  3. Awesome, that is a lot better than some other horse accidents I have heard about. A neighbor of mine was once thrown by a horse and landed on her back on the top of a wooden fence and then fell on her head from there or something to that extent. I hope she recovers soon.


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