Just don’t know how much more we can take . . . and yet, we always seem to come out okay with God’s help.  I am so ready for this year to end and 2006 to begin.  My guy’s dad had to have another surgery today (his appendix ruptured two months ago and his recovery has been wrought with complications).  My truck’s transmission went out end of last week.  Of course, it required a complete ($1600) overhaul.  Right before Christmas.  Fortunately I had some blind orders coming through that almost covered the expense.  Everyone is so stressed and no one is ready for Sunday.

I’m about ready to say “Stop the world, I wanna’ get off!”  Not really, but just slow it down, for crying out loud!  I’ve been reading a little book called “The Hundred Dollar Holiday:  The Case for a More Joyful Christmas” and I would love to put some of what it talks about into practice.  It’s difficult to do something so revolutionary without the cooperation of one’s family.  Actually, I think my husband would cooperate and my daughter would get used to the idea — but the rest of the family . . . well, that’s a different matter!

I’m going to contemplate ways that I can improve things for next year, though, because I honestly don’t enjoy the season anymore.  Too much pressure, too much stress, not enough relaxing and family time.  And by family time, I mean my immediate family of three.  Love the others, yes I do, but we are so crazy chasing all over the place for the benefit of the rest of the family that there’s nothing left for the three of us.  Not.  At.  All.   The.  Way.  It.  Should.  Be.

Not at all.

Well, I’m going to go get a good night’s sleep.  The transmission shop is supposed to deliver the truck to me in the a.m. and I’ll have lots of rubber to burn getting caught up from the two days that I’ve been without wheels.

If you think about it, sure would appreciate prayers for my father-in-law — both for healing and salvation — not necessarily in that order, as salvation is definitely the more important of the two.  Thank you.

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