read this article on a teen in Jackson, Missouri that wanted to wear a kilt to his high school dance.  I personally don’t see what the big deal is.  The kid apparently has a genuine interest in geneological research and the heritage of his family after seeing “Braveheart” in 1995, and I’m sure his friends know of this interest.  Therefore, his wanting to honor that heritage wouldn’t be a disruption (like the principal fears).  As long as he wears some boxers, the kilt comes down to his knees, which is a lot more decent than what I’ve seen a lot of high school girls wearing.  Seriously, have you seen some of the dresses girls wear to prom these days?  Low-riding skirts and belly-baring tops . . .

That principal needs to have his head checked if he thinks this is “disruptive”.

A coincidental sidenote — we were visiting Jackson, Missouri in 1995 and saw “Braveheart” while we were there.  I wonder if we were in the theater at the same time this young man was?  Hmmm?

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