All I can say is WOW.  We went to see “The Chronicles of Narnia” this afternoon and it was simply wonderful.  Jami was so enthralled by the story, the visuals, the whole enchilada . . . it was a blast to see my girl leaning forward in anticipation of the next moment and then cuddling against my shoulder during a particularly tense scene only to lean forward again as if she could get closer to the action by getting closer to the huge movie screen.

All in all, I feel like they were incredibly faithful to the overall story and I LOVED the fact that they didn’t pussyfoot around the whole concept of Aslan’s taking Edmund’s place (the parallels between the story and Jesus taking our place were very clear, at least for those familiar with the Truth). 

An absolutely beautiful movie that pays honor to the classic literature from which it comes.  I think C.S. Lewis would approve.  I recommend that you see it as soon as possible, and maybe even more than once.  Jami asked if we could see it again as we were walking out the door of the theater and wanted to start reading aloud again as soon as we got home!  I promised her that we would do some more reading Saturday evening before we finish decorating the Christmas tree . . .

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  1. i wanna see the chronicles of narnia so badly!  the book has been one of my favorites since i was 12 – I would go to the theatre to see it – but i have this thing where I dont like being around a lot of ppl at once, so theatres are out!  But, as soon as it comes out on dvd, im buying it!


  2. Went with my wife to see the movie tonight.  It was WONDERFUL.  I am definitely taking my oldest daughter.  Think it would be a great father-daughter date night.  I loved the fact that they stayed true to the book with little variation.


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