Cookin’ with gas . . .

I’m on a mad typing blitz tonight.  My girl’s 4-H club is putting together a cookbook for their annual fundraiser.  I am typing recipe contributions into the publisher’s online program.  Gotta’ burn the midnight oil because I only have one phone line and it is truly frustrating to be in the middle of an entry only to have someone beep in and bump me off the net.

Hopefully my fingers will be swift and accurate and I can get a good number of these entered.  I’ve already entered about 55 or 60, but there are many, many more to go.  Ciao! 

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  1. Thanks for your comment at my site. I always appreciate it when someone is willing to challenge me. I was speaking “off the cuff” as you say. I know not all homeschool kids are a mess. They are almost all different than the masses, tho. I’m not saying that’s bad. After all, that’s the parent’s ambition isn’t it? My own sister homeschooled each of her three boys and they’re all functioning members of society now. One’s a nurse, one’s a lawyer, and the other is still figuring it all out, but he’s got a good heart and will find his way. My wife works in the front office and works with special ed dept, so she sees it all and especially the “problem” kids. The paperwork in Indiana when a homeschooler turns public is awful since there’s rarely sufficient documentation and the state appearantly doesn’t accept homeschool credits. Well, that’s Indiana for you. I know it wasn’t that way a couple of decades ago when my sister lived in this state, but its bad now – and getting worse. Anyway, thanks again for stopping by.


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