Making progress . . .

Today was a fairly productive day.  We went to church (excellent message, by the way about Jesus caring about even the littlest details of our lives and how He’s always there for us to turn to . . . ) and then had some excellent Mexican food at a little mom ‘n pop restaurant near our church.  Have you ever had seafood enchiladas?  These were honestly one of the best things I’ve ever had at a Mexican restaurant.  Cheese enchiladas covered with a creamy shrimp and crawfish sauce.  I don’t think I’ll ever order anything else again.

Came home and I managed to get the second coat of Savannah Red paint on the accent wall in our library/classroom/office.  After I’m finished with all my business during the day tomorrow, I’ll be putting the second coat of the Fiorli Gold Ecru on the remaining walls.  When the walls are good and dry, probably Tuesday evening, we will rent a floor sander from McCoy’s and sand the floors down in prep for fresh stain and varethane sealer.  When the floor’s finished, new wood trim will be painted Wooden Wagon, installed, and then we can move the furniture back in.

I can hardly wait!  Right now my computer’s on a card table in the dining room and the back bedroom is literally full of the stuff that came out of the library/classroom/office . . . I’ll be glad to get back to some semblance of organization.

I’ve gotten almost everything I need for my girl’s lessons this year.  I’m feeling pretty good about it all, if the room was just finished.  Our days will go something like this:

Monday:  Arithmetic, History, Latin, Language Arts, Lunch, Science.

Tuesday:  Arithmetic, History, Latin, Language Arts, Lunch, Ballet.

Wednesday:  Arithmetic, History, Latin, Language Arts, Lunch, Science.

Thursday:  Arithmetic, Latin, Language, Choir, Lunch, Recorder Band, Public Library.

Friday:  Art studies and catch-up day.  This day is reserved for unfinished work from the first 4 days and chores, after we do our art lesson.  If we’re caught up on our school work and the chores are done, the rest of the day is for a fun activity, field trip, family game night, etc.

I’m really not sure how much time each course of study will take, but I’ve allotted between 40 minutes and 60 minutes for each, keeping in mind that the beauty of homeschooling is its flexibility.  So none of this is carved in stone!  I do have a rough guideline to follow, though, if for no other reason than to keep us disciplined and for the most part on track.

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  1. I’ve already got mine, but there may be other girls out there who have a thing for plaid shirts, safety glasses, and DeWalt biscuit joiners . . .
    Well, there is.  It’s derived from the ink used to print Grainger catalogs.


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