Wowsers!  We got the fancy stuff!  I read about this on Anna’s blog, but I had to check it out for myself . . .

It’s very late, got a busy day tomorrow (actually, today!) what with my girl having choir and recorder band classes and all.  I’m hoping to get some lesson plans figured out during the three hours she’s in class.  Gas is too expensive to drive home, so I’ll find a corner somewhere to perch until she’s finished.

Just a reminder (like any of us need one), to keep all those along the Gulf Coast in our prayers.  I, myself, am a Gulf Coast girl — albeit the Texas Gulf Coast.  I live a mere 8 miles from the beach, and I keep thinking “there but for the grace of God, could have gone I . . .”  Texas hasn’t been hit by a big one since ’83, when Cat. 3 “Alicia” came roaring through.  The damage was incredible with that tiny storm (compared to Katrina, that is).  My dad lives in New Orleans, and thankfully left town Saturday before the storm hit.  He and his girlfriend went to stay with family near Victoria.  I’ve not been able to reach him, because his cell phone is a Louisiana number and I keep getting a busy signal.  At least I know he’s safe.  Their house lies a mere 3 miles from the Superdome, and so I don’t have a clue what they’ll return to — if there’s anything to return to.  It’s a two-story house and I’m hoping against hope that it’s in one of the areas where the waters were less deep . . .

I’m gone for now, but I just had to try this out. 

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