I think Claritin (or the generic version, since that’s what I bought) is a MIRACLE DRUG.  Yep, I’m still feeling a little icky, but heavens . . . WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT!!!

Finishing up some quotes to mail out to possible clients before we go out of town.  Then I have to figure out what all I need to do for the trip.  I used to be so organized, but I’m not quite sure what happened to the legal secretary who could keep three attorneys and a legal assistant happy while eating lunch, answering the phone, assembling a patent application packet, answering a question from accounting, sending three files back to records management, and not screaming at the computer tech who said, “well . . . have you tried rebooting?” when my computer froze up in the middle of an important document revision all at the same time . . .

Boy.  Has my life changed!

Now it’s four people who want quotes for window treatments NOW, even though their houses are in the early stages of construction and the window sills aren’t even in.  Now it’s the school PTO wanting volunteers for school activities and what’s really the pits is I’m the PTO secretary and I’m the one wanting volunteers, but no one else ever does, except the PTO.  Now it’s the piles of laundry lying on the floor screaming “Wash me!”  Now it’s the dishes in the sink screaming “Wash me!”  Now it’s the sweet Borderdor (Border Collie/Lab mix) that decided to impersonate a beaver by chewing a HUGE hunk out of the arm of the futon.  (Thank goodness AJ is quite the carpenter . . . he can fix it.)

My life hasn’t changed at all!  But now I get to spend a lot more of it with my family, and so it’s all good.

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  1. I’m not sure how to spell it, but that’s the generic name for Claritin — and it’s what I’m taking.  Wonderful, WONDERFUL stuff.  I MADE my husband take it, too.  He is very stubborn about taking medicine, but he’s miserable and I told him it would help right before I put him in a half-nelson and crammed it down his throat . . .
    Just kidding about the last part.  :0)


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