This. Is. Not. Fair.

All three of us are sick.  We are leaving Monday morning to go to San Antonio.  And we are all sick.  Stuffy, runny noses (and how is it possible for a nose to be both things at the same time?), sneezing, 1-ton brick sitting on the old sinuses sick.

I’m hoping we shake it before departure time . . . but as busy as I’ll be the next couple of days, I just don’t see how.

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  1. When I’m not preggers/nursing (which hasn’t been for FIVE years), I would *always* take Sudafed… but it HAS to be the navy blue gelcaps.  Nobody ever told me what worked and what didn’t when I moved out of my mom’s as a young gal, and I swear, I bought every brand, every type within that brand of cold medicine there was.  ((I’m in Michigan.  Colds are as common as anything.))  After buying an entire pharmacy, I found that the navy blue gelcaps by Sudafed actually WORKED.  Decongested, stopped runny noses, cleared head… the works.  It’s a suggestion.


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