We arrived home from San Antonio safe and sound last night.  I took tons of pictures with both my HP digital camera and my Canon Rebel 2000.  I’ll be putting some of my digital pics up in the next couple of days — but unfortunately, being a business owner and all, I’ve got some things to do after having been gone so many days.  Then I can do some fun stuff again!

A quick overview of the trip:   Our Jami is the best little traveler, and I am so, so, so blessed that she finds a broad spectrum of things interesting!  Most spring-breakers I spoke with last week were headed to Fiesta Texas and Sea World.  Your basic amusement park destinations.  They were okay when I was younger, but the lines are so long now and the parks are so expensive . . . well, I’m holding out as long as I can to avoid the parks.  Jami hasn’t asked to go and I’m grateful.  Paying roughly $35/head to get in and spend the day standing in line is just not my idea of fun.  My idea of fun is more along the lines of this . . .

We visited FIVE Spanish missions yesterday and Jami loved it.  Yes, she really loved it!  She ran all over the place checking the different buildings out and looking for the answers to questions in the “Junior Park Ranger” book she received at the Mission Espada.  A brilliant little book, I must say!  At each mission, she looked for the answers to questions specific to that mission and then received a “passport” type stamp at the visitor’s center for each mission.  At the major visitor’s center at Mission San Jose, she was “sworn” in as a Junior Park Ranger because she’d been to and completed at least two missions in the book.

The person who came up with that creative little teaching tool needs a big, gold star on the tip of their nose!

Well, I don’t want to tell you all about it right now, because I want to put up my photos, etc.  But I did want to post and let you all know we’re back and we had a great time!  More later!

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