I think that liberals are surfing the conservative blogs . . .

to stir up trouble.  They are so annoyed, so ticked off, so depressed that they lost and so now they are trying to stir up trouble by posting comments on blogs that they would NEVER read under any other circumstances.  I’ve had two comments in two days from bloggers who are SO INCREDIBLY LIBERAL telling me how wrong the election results were and how wrong I am in my commentary.

Do any of you find this interesting, and have you had similar experiences?

I’m trying to decide if I should be mildly amused at their desperation, or truly annoyed at their mosquito-like buzzing? 

One thought on “

  1. I’d say take it with amusement.  I’d simply reply “Thanks.  Go back to your tree huggin’.  See ya in 2008.”  Every time they write you, they are just desperately trying to keep themselves from being moved to the $1 rack.  At this point, it’s like picking a fight with an inanimate object.


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