I’d be hard pressed to say it any better . . .

John Leo put into words so perfectly what I want to say to every liberal who thinks that their opinion is the majority opinion of our nation:  http://www.townhall.com/columnists/johnleo/jl20041108.shtml

Please take the time to read this column.  Intelligent, concise, it exposes the truth that the Democratic Party is the party of intolerance and narrow-mindedness.  I appreciated the reminder of the Dems’ treatment of then Governor Robert Casey in 1992, when he was not allowed to speak at the Dems’ convention because he was not pro-choice.  Liberal in every regard, except the protection of human life, that “little” exception was enough to get him branded and barred from the podium. 

I could go on, but Mr. Leo says it so much better.

And a funny for your amusement (please excuse the language, if any of you are hyper-sensitive . . . it’s really not that bad):

When John Kerry called President Bush to concede the election, he asked that as a provision of the concession he be allowed to receive a Purple Heart medal for injuries received in the ass-whipping.

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