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this wasn’t a mandate.  Bull, say I!  Perhaps if only President Bush had won . . . I might, might agree with you.  But the fact is the American people turned out in droves to elect conservative representatives and to vote against gay marriage.  When you combine President Bush’s re-election, the increase in Republican representation in Washington, and 11 states voting against gay marriage — that’s a MANDATE.  Americans are tired of the hijacking of their nation by narrow-minded, intolerant socialists.  And yes, they are narrow-minded and intolerant regardless of how loudly they preach love, peace, and tolerance for their fellow man.  Because their open-mindedness and tolerance comes to a screeching bloody halt whenever they run into moral people with a code of ethics, should I say . . . Christians?????  They rant and rave about the intolerance of those who live by a set of commandments, and then extend the very same intolerance they so vehemently despise (supposedly).

The irrational ridiculousity of their complaints and arguments just makes me want to scream.

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  1. The fact is that the democrats and extreme liberals *know* that Americans made a decisive statement on Nov 2.  They know that their feeble attempts to push a national hippie agenda blew up in their faces.  The fact that their long-time senate minority leader was ousted was the equivalent of a cluster bomb landing on DNC headquarters.  Their party is in shambles.  They are now desperately trying to keep from becoming a passing phase.


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