Something to keep in mind before voting in ANY election:

“Before the election of local, state or federal legislators be sure to find out where they stand on the issue of education. For the Federal government to be involved in education at all is in blatant violation of the U.S. Constitution. Don’t fall for socialist con words like ‘choice’ or ‘accountability’ in education. In socialist doublespeak ‘choice’ means you might be permitted to choose among several different government schools in your area (all of which are promoting the same socialist programs). ‘Accountability’ means accountable to government, not to parents. Make it known in no uncertain terms that you want to take back the educational system that made America the greatest nation on earth –FREEDOM in education!” –Debbie O’Hara

2 thoughts on “

  1. Oh, I completely agree with you re: more charter and private schools . . . and HOMESCHOOLING!  There are thousands of parents out there doing a marvelous job educating their children at home.  What really caught my eye with this particular quote was the spotlight on words like “choice” and “accountability” — she really carried it through to the next logical step:  “Choice between what?”  “Accountability to whom?”  Sometimes folks get so excited when they hear certain catch phrases, they don’t think it through fully.


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