Nickelodeon vs. Scholastic polls . . . kids vote and the winner is (emphasis added by me):

“As if the conflicting polls of ‘registered voters,’ ‘likely voters’ and ‘national adults’ weren’t confusing enough, now we have a pair of surveys of American children that show contradictory results: ‘Senator John Kerry has been declared the winner of Nickelodeon’s “Kids’ Vote” according to kids nationwide who exercised their voting power in the network’s presidential poll held online Oct. 19…. In this year’s vote, Sen. John Kerry received 57% of the vote, and President George W. Bush received 43%.’ But Scholastic, a children’s publishing company, gives victory to Bush: In the 2004 Scholastic Election Poll, George W. Bush received 52 percent of the votes and the Democrat contender, John F. Kerry, received 47 percent.’ Apparently kids who read favor Bush, while those who watch TV prefer Kerry. Hmm, whose parents are more likely to vote?” –James Taranto

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  1. “I love your welcome message!  You stopped by my site not too long ago, and I came by to check yours out.  Definitely subscription-worthy!”
    Thanks!  I’m trying to do what I can to get Bush re-elected.  As a side benefit, it turns out that many readers find my weblog a welcome haven from the liberal bomb-throwing that takes place on a lot of other sites. 


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