Freedom of speech — not!

“Kerry’s supporters are reaching out to blacks by demanding that black cabdrivers in New York City who support Bush be fined and suspended. When taxi driver Etzer Jerome told his sensitive Upper West Side passenger he had voted for Bush, she demanded that he pull over and let her out, yelling at him: ‘How can a black man vote for Bush?’ and ‘I’m going to f— you!’ She then filed a complaint against Jerome with the Taxi and Limousine Commission alleging that Jerome had ‘verbally harassed her.’ He was fined $500 and given a three-week suspension. On the bright side, the Democrats offer black voters loads and loads of meaningless abstractions that will have absolutely no effect on their lives. ‘Jobs,’ for example. (Just not any of the important jobs in a Kerry administration.) Democrats’ extravagant claims about creating ‘jobs’ are as credible as their claims that they will allow the wheelchair-bound to walk. Among the jobs that are currently not available to Americans are these being performed in China under a free-trade bill voted for by John Kerry. (New campaign slogan: ‘John Kerry: Betraying America Since 1971.’)” –Ann Coulter

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