that Americans across the country did their civic duty, took advantage of the precious right to vote and gave President Bush four more years to lead our country with honor and integrity.  Now that the ordeal is over, and I’ve commented on two of my president’s best qualities, I can’t help but indulge in a little gloating:

Who’s in the White House?  Bush! Bush! Bush! Bush!

I can’t get the stupid grin off my face ever since I heard that Kerry made his concession call and will make his concession speech in just a few minutes . . .

And hey!  How about those senatorial seats we picked up?  Cool beans, huh?  I would like to say the following to liberals everywhere:

GET A CLUE!  Regardless of what you try to put forth through your twisted, liberal media connections . . . the majority of Americans are decent, moral people and after the last election, they realized how important their votes are.  This explains in great part President Bush’s electoral and POPULAR win . . . the largest percentage of the popular vote in U.S. presidential election history!

My faith in the American people has been renewed, although I realize we still have a long way to go to return to the nation our founding fathers originally envisioned.


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  1. Just a correction: Bush didn’t win the largest PERCENTAGE of the popular vote, he got the highest total number of popular votes ever. There’s a big difference. Lyndon Johnson had the highest percentage of popular vote ever recorded (and still does) in 1964 with 61%…Bush only had 51%. Bush got the highest total number of popular votes ever (59 million) because this year’s election had the highest voter turnout percentage since 1968 and we have a much higher population now than we did 36 years ago. In fact, Kerry got the second highest number of popular votes ever with 55.7 million.


  2. Don’t forget Ronald Reagan’s defeat of Walter Mondale in 1984. 525 – 13, in the electoral college, 54,451,521 – 37, 565, 334 in the popular vote. Like the 1964 election it too was a landslide, and much more of a victory in terms of the electoral college.
    By comparison this year’s election was one of the closest in U.S. history, essentially coming down to one state (Ohio) and 100,000 votes. Only 1916 and of course 2000 were closer. 
    Both parties had all time record turn outs for votes, and with a 51 – 49% split in the popular vote I hardly think Bush has a mandate for the type of radical change that this country is in store for. Yes he won fair and square, so his presidency is legitimate this time around. But it still reveals a polarized country that is dramatically different from the electorate that voted overwhelmingly for both Johnson and Reagan. 2 out of 3 of the closest elections in U.S. history have both occured in the last four years and that should tell you something how deeply divided this country is.
    Let’s not kid ourselves Laura. The right won this election on fear: fear not only of terrorism, but fear of those who are different, and fear that somehow gays will make heterosexual couples look bad when it comes to marriage. They truly ran one of the nastiest, most dishonest political campaigns in American history. Despite your gushing about how great our democracy is, this is far from our finest hour.  
    I’m not going to delude myself and pretend that Bush is going to govern for all Americans this time around. He certainly didn’t do it after the 2000 election, despite having lost the popular vote by 500,000 and being giving the election by the Supreme Court. 
    Yesterday he said he’s considers his narrow victory political ‘capital’ and has every intention of spending it. Whatever. Even if he’d only won the election by 1 vote we’d still be in for the same agenda. 


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