Last night I caught part of what I assume was a re-run of #41’s 80th birthday celebration on t.v.  There was a big party at Minute Maid Park here in Houston with entertainment, salutes, and fireworks at the end.  It looked to be a great party for a great man.  Randy Travis sang that awesome song, “Three Wooden Crosses” and went on to say what a great president #41 had been, and that his son was doing a mighty fine job, too.  I couldn’t help but laugh loudly (despite the fact others in my family were sleeping by this time) when he said some friends of his suggested that he sing a song for John Kerry, too.  So he said he’d sing a few words . . . “born to lose . . . .  “  I just loved it.  The whole crowd went wild and he said, “I thought that would go over well here.”

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