Now the week of mourning has ended . . .

I know Ann Coulter can be a little abrasive, a little sarcastic . . . but good grief, the woman always makes her point and it’s usually very good.  Her latest article ( ) had a few comments that startled me, such as The world’s living testament to the limits of genetics, Ron, Jr. . . ., (considering that his father just died, it does seem a little harsh).  However, she was right to point out how the people who bashed President Reagan relentlessly during his time in office are now trying to rewrite history.  Eleanor “I’ve just eaten a lemon, peel and all” Clift said that President Reagan reached out to his political opponents and tried to seek converts, while the current President Bush would like to consign his opponents to oblivion.

Coulter gives numerous examples of President Reagan’s uncompromising believes regarding abortion, gay rights, government programs to feed the hungry, etc.  While I respect President Bush, I worry that he thought he could “chummy up” to Dems like Daschle and Kennedy the way he did Bob Bullock while he was governor of Texas, and subsequently accomplish good for the nation.  Unfortunately, there’s a whole different breed of bottom feeder in D.C.  The majority of politicians are only interested in keeping their jobs in order to enjoy the perks and the pension when it’s all over.  Doesn’t matter if they run the country into the ground while they’re doing it.

I wish that President Bush would walk into the Oval Office one morning, pick up the phone and say “Daschle, we’re gonna’ being doing things a little differently from here on out, because there’s a whole lot of people out there depending on us to do this job right.  And right doesn’t mean what’s most comfortable for us.  It means putting the nation as a whole first.  Not special interests, not our interests.  The NATION’S, because it’s the greatest nation on this earth, and U.N. be damned . . . that’s nothing to be ashamed of.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!”  Click . . . .

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  1. I agree with you. Bush should just grab tightly to his convictions, get on his white horse, and charge onward with no regard to the whiners. That’s what Reagan did – and most people just thought he was a ‘really nice guy.’ He was, but he was nice like a fox.


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