Thanks a lot, Miss O’Hara!

So, I read a while back in your blog that you’re a big Sydney Bristow/Alias fan.  Wandered into Blockbuster the other night and noticed, Hm!  They have the first and second seasons on DVD.

Well, it’s 3:47 a.m. (Central Time) and I just finished watching the last episode of Season One.  My eyes are red, I’m ditzy with exhaustion, and all I can think about is . . . what time does Blockbuster open so I can get Season Two?????

What a great show!  I never watched it because it conflicted with something else I was watching (Now that I’ve seen it, I can’t remember what the other show was.  Must have been good.  Ha!)  I think I will definitely be an Alias fan now.  Sydney’s great, I’m so glad Will survived his torture session with the Asian “dentist,” and I’m curious to see how Vaughn is going to get out of his underwater “grave” after Sydney stopped the Circumference.  Not to mention how Sydney is going to escape, herself.

What time does Blockbuster open . . . .?

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