Last week I finally made it in to see the orthopedic specialist. I’ve been having increasing problems with my left shoulder (and even some slight issues with my right). The diagnosis is “frozen shoulder,” which basically means that my range of  motion is becoming less and less, and it becomes more and more painful to move my arm in ways that did not hurt before. I’ve been given a list of exercises to perform — either with the physical therapist or at home on my own. Truthfully, I am having a difficult time making myself do them because they hurt like the dickens. So I think I am going to set up an appointment with the physical therapist: (a) to make sure I am doing the exercises correctly, and (b) to make myself do them at all.

I knew things were not good when I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I’d stretched with my arms held high because it hurts to do so now.

I miss a good stretch. That would feel so good right now.

3 thoughts on “Prayers, please.

  1. Can identify since I have been suffering from frozen shoulder since 2008. You do what you can and you TRY to relax. Exercises DO help, but like you, I needed the supervision of the physical therapist to get them done. Massages help too, but the relief is very temporary. I had to give up using a curling iron or blow drying my hair, because it hurt too badly to held my hand above my head. Stretches help, but they hurt, like you say. Will keep you in my prayers and you please do the same for me!


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