Our house was listed with the realtor by the end of the day on Friday. I posted photos on FB, shared them with everyone I knew, many of whom shared them with their friends, and our realtor listed the house on HAR, Zillow, and Trulia. There is a sign in the front yard. Something must be working — two potential buyers saw the house yesterday, one of whom went back for a second look today, and a third potential buyer looked at the house later in the afternoon.

We are hopeful!

4 thoughts on “Hopeful

    1. Thank you, Harper! If you scroll back a post or two, you’ll see photos of the remodel my sister and I did. This is the home we grew up in, the home we inherited when our mother passed away in August 2015. It’s been an emotional experience, getting it ready to sell. But we are grateful and we pray that another family will make many good memories in our childhood home. 🙂

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