Just stopping by to post a little “hi-ya!” …. things are getting better in the yearbook class I teach.  Still not great and I won’t be teaching it again, but they are better. 

My guy and baby girl are at our church workday right now.  Our church meets in one of those strip shopping centers.  We recently got additional space in the center, and so work needs to be done to make the space usable for our purposes.  Some walls in the old space are being torn down to make the sanctuary larger, and some walls will need to be built in the new space to accommodate classrooms.  Our pastor has asked my guy if he would be interested in teaching some classes when the space is finished and classes begin.  He said he would pray about it — I think Pastor is wanting him to specifically work with teens.  If God gives him the go-ahead, I think this would be great, as he is REALLY good with teens.  But he won’t do it unless he really feels God giving him the a-okay.

In other news, my “baby” girl will be fourteen years old on Monday.  I am really struggling with this!  Turning 46 a couple of weeks ago was a bit bumpy (I never think in terms of how old I am right this minute, but how far away other ages are …. only six years ago I turned 40 … that time has flown … in in six years I’ll be 52 … and the time will fly … it’s just going too fast).  Same with my girl.  It just seems months since she was small enough for me to pick up and now we look each other in the eye (although I do still have about an inch on her height-wise).  She is really turning into a beautiful young woman, but I want her to still be my girl.  LOL  She has always called me “Mommy” and suddenly she is calling me “Mom” … I made a deal with her.  She can call me “Mom” out in public, but at home I would still like her to call me by my REAL name.  Ha!  It’s all about compromise, eh?

Well, I’d better get on with the day – much to do around here and the time just seems to be flying faster and faster …

Have a good one.

2 thoughts on “Things Are Getting Better

  1. @followfreedom – I know!  I don’t really understand what the stigma of “mommy” is … my own mother (whom I called “Mama” when I was younger, and Mom or Mama as I got older) thinks it’s odd that I like “Mommy”.  I didn’t want to be called “Mama” because that’s what I called my own mother, and while I love her, we’ve always had a strained relationship.  I wanted to be my own person and have my own name with  my daughter.  That may be part of my resistance to “Mom,” too, since I call my mother that.  Hmmm … the psychological things going on here would give a therapist a field day!  LOL!


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