I had seen a few people doing this around the net, but didn’t really think about doing it myself until I read Anna’s the other day.  It’s a great tool, both for reflection and for encouraging regular blogging, so I’m going to give it a try.    Click on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook” button if you’d like to read other daybook entries or do one yourself!

·  FOR TODAY February 6, 2010…


·  Outside My Window… the sun is shining and I’m grateful to see it after so much rain.

·  I am thinking… I need to get back to cleaning house.

·  I am thankful for… good friends who tell me what I need to hear, even when I’d rather they didn’t.

·  From the kitchen… I need to thaw a couple of chicken breasts to make some soup this evening.

·  I am wearing… a grey sweatshirt, blue yoga pants, and flip-flops.

·  I am creating… my very first Daybook entry!

·  I am going… to run to the bank and the grocery store in a bit.

·  I am reading… A Bride in the Bargain by Deeanne Gist.

·  I am hoping… to become a more faithful blogger and to use writing as a tool for both personal growth and enjoyment.

·  I am hearing… the sound of the capiz shell mobile in my daughter’s bedroom as the ceiling fan gently causes it to flutter in the breeze.

·  Around the house… the dogs are sleeping on the kitchen floor, the dryer is tumbling, the washer is humming, and all is peaceful.

·  One of my favorite things… to scrapbook my memories.  I have not scrapbooked in a long time, and this needs to change and to change soon.

·  A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:  Celebrate my daughter’s 14th birthday by having one of her best friends over to spend the night, get my hair cut and colored, go to the eye doctor, install some blinds for a client, and grade papers for homeschool.

·  A photo of me, without glasses!


3 thoughts on “Thanks for the idea, Anna …

  1. I love this format! It is kind of an eloquent form of a bullet list. Those are so often the most interesting things. I love the new look! And did I read that you can install blinds? How’d you feel about a trip to our place? lolI am so glad you are here, friend.Happy Birthday to your daughter.Old Hat


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