We will be heading out the door in about an hour to go to the County Fair.  Each year, on Wednesday of Fair Week, our homeschool group helps serve lunch to the “Special Needs Kids” from around the county.  Buses bring the kids to the fairgrounds where they are entertained during the mid-day hours.  They are given tours of the fairgrounds, get to watch some of the rodeo events, and enjoy hot dogs, chips, and soda while being entertained by clowns making balloon animals.  It’s really sweet and this will be our fifth year to serve lunch.  Afterwards, we’ll walk the exhibits, see if we won any ribbons and enjoy a fried oreo with a Coke.  Yum!

Now if the weather will just cooperate! ….

Just checked it.  Blasted weather.  High of 91, with a heat index of 105.  So not fair…………..

2 thoughts on “Good Works

  1. @SingingMom – I know!  It was so hot at the fairgrounds today.  We had a good time, but I could not even think about going to bed without getting a shower first (I usually get my showers in the a.m.)  I plan on writing a nice little entry about our day, probably sometime tomorrow.  🙂


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